About me

I was born in León (Spain) in 1980 and moved to the Canary Islands when I was but months old. My father, who had been a painter in his youth, passed on his enthusiasm for art to me and my brother and we spent hours and hours drawing influenced by fantasy art and American comics.

I studied architecture design and worked as an architect designing modern architecture combining it with some artwork as freelance illustrator publishing illustrations since 2003. Some years later, I decide to concentrate only on illustration, starting new projects and accepting more orders. I have published hundreds of illustrations in different media, such as novel covers, tabletop RPGs , card games, magazines, comics, etc. These last years I have been focused more in Concept Art, designing characters for videogames and films.

Nowadays, I live in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria working as freelance illustrator and concept artist for the Entertainment Industry

EMAIL: charroart@gmail.com PHONE: (+0034) 677793194

WEB: www.charroart.com